Eagon vom Haus Shekinah (Itzy vom Mengeder Bach x Mates Helilein) working Police K9 NNDDA certified Narcotics Detection Dog


Duke vom Haus Shekinah (Itzy vom Mengeder Bach x Irmus Galan Nalag) NAPWDA certified Human Remains Detection Dog


Drako vom Haus Shekinah (Itzy vom Mengeder Bach x Irmus Galan Nalag) NAPWDA certified Human Remains Detection Dog

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you and VHS so much for Drako. He is quite the GSD and match's everything I asked for in my request. My boy is a quick learner and has super hunt and prey drive. He certainly has bonded with the girls around here lol. He's going to be a great HRD dog asset to our team and I look forward to the day I can email you with his first find. Patrick, South Carolina

Diva Vom Haus Shekinah (Itzy vom Mengeder Bach x Irmus Galan Nalag) working Police K9 NNDDA, APCA certified Narcotics Detection Dog & NAPWDA Area Search Dog

Diva ("ZIVA") is my K9 partner.  I love her high ball drive and her willingness to work all the time.  Yet she is very affectionate.  She has bonded very much so to the whole family and always has a watchful eye over the kids.  She is great around other animals and other dogs, friendly but alert when people come to the house.  Thank you for all your effort and hard work you put into breeding and raising the best German Shepherd dogs.  The knowledge and    K9 Officer Copeland

Taz is a super dog, I work him in obedience.  He is truly ball crazy. He will almost kill to get the tug.  His protective drive is really high.  No one will come to the house unless they call first.  He will try to go through the storm door unless he recognize the person. If I tell him it is OK, he becomes a lover boy. His drives are so balanced and he is the smartest dog I have every owned. He still carries his head at a slight angle. You can see this in the pictures.  It's just something he was born with. A guy that I got started into schutzhund and had not seen in about 15 years showed up at my house the other day.  He just put a 2 on his dog in a trial in Raleigh.  When he saw Taz, he went crazy.  He wanted to know how long Taz had been on the sleeve.  I told him he had never seen a sleeve.  He offer me $3000 for him.  We went outside and I worked Taz.  He then offer me $5000 before he left. I would never sell Taz. He never takes his eyes off of my face.  This guy is big on pedigrees.  He said he had seen other dogs out of Bastin but never one like Taz. Richard

"Malichi is THE sweetest dog. He is very in-tune with human emotions. He is a mommies boy (my fault) but very protective of me and my family. He knows who belongs and does not. I just had a granddaughter and he stands between her and her dad at times. He loves her and loves to lay by her crib or swing and is the first one to go to her when she cries. pity the fool that raises a hand to her. 
M is VERY handsome and a man magnet. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him. He loves swimming and running. Very smart, I need more training than he does. He messed in the house only once and it was my fault. M is very clean about himself and loves bathing and nail clippings. Even his ears. He responds nicely to the vet but totally sucks up to the girls in the office. He loves jobs and tracking and snuggling on my couch next to me, which i love too. I never feel frightened because he is always right there with me. I travel for my job and he goes with me everywhere. planes, trains and automobiles. M loves to play with his ball but is equally happy just to sit on the beach next to me. Malichi is a handsome lover boy that can demand respect when necessary. I love him and feel lucky to have him."