Dogs for Sale

We guarantee all of our dogs for general health, hips and elbows. As a respected breeder of only the finest German Shepherd dogs, we provide a contract with each of our dogs offering assurances of the health and quality of your purchase.


1. The Purchaser(s) agrees to and understand(s) the following conditions

a.) the puppy shall not be sold, leased or given to any pet shop or research establishment. 

b.) the puppy shall not be sold, given or donated to any person without VHS’s prior knowledge and

consent. An e-mail is sufficient. This is to ensure that we know where all are pups are at. 

c.) in the event of the Purchaser(s) being unable to maintain the puppy, VHS shall be informed and shall

reserve the right to take back the puppy/dog at any age.

 2. The Purchaser(s) further warrants that the puppy:   

a.) will be kept in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare (never tied out on chain or cable) and will be fed a suitable diet for its age and condition.

b.) will receive regular veterinary care, including booster vaccinations, to maintain its good health. That veterinarian instructions will be followed at all times. 

c.) is being acquired as a family companion dog or as a working dog to be used for tasks appropriate to its

breed such as schutzhund, protection, AKC conformation, breed survey, SV confirmation, herding, obedience or agility competition 

d) Purchaser will exercise and obtain proper training for both themselves and the puppy/dog

 3. Health Guarantee:   

The health of this animal is guaranteed for 2 weeks through physical examination by a licensed veterinarian at the expense of the Purchaser. If this requirement is not met, then the health guarantee in this contract is null and void. If as a result of the examination/ the Veterinarian determines that the puppy/dog is not in good health, the Purchaser may elect to keep the puppy/dog or return the puppy/dog to VHS for a full refund of the purchase price. Should the Purchaser decide to keep the puppy/dog he forfeits all claims and shall be solely responsible for any and all future veterinarian bills for said puppy/dog. Purchaser shall be solely responsible for all costs and related expenses of returning the puppy/dog to VHS.

If deemed by a licensed veterinarian, that said puppy has an incurable disease or defect, defect from birth only, then up to a full refund will be given and the puppy may remain with the buyer (as long as the purchaser has taken the puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian within 2 weeks of receiving the puppy/dog).

4. Hip guarantee:   

The dog is guaranteed to not exhibit symptoms of Degenerative Joint Disease at time of purchase and up to two years of age. In the unlikely event that the dog is diagnosed with Moderate or Severe Hip Dysplasia, by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, (OFA), and can no longer function as a family companion dog/schutzhund, then a  full refund will be given and the dog may stay with the buyer. 

To qualify for a refund of the purchase price, a copy of the OFA/PennHip evaluation must be sent to VHS. IN ALL CASES VHS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO HAVE THE DOG RE-X-RAYED BY A VETERINARIAN OF OUR CHOICE. If a refund for a dog is requested under this guarantee, and the examination of the alleged defect, by a licensed veterinarian of VHS’s choice, determines that the defect is not genetic, but caused by trauma, stress, neglect, abuse or anything determined to be other than genetically heritable, this guarantee is null and void, without effect and will not be honored. Should the Buyer elect to keep the dog he forfeits all claims and shall be solely responsible for any and all future veterinarian bills for said dog and no refund will be tendered. If this requirement is not met, then the hip guarantees in this contract are null and void.